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The Passengers on M370 Deserved It

Chances are, you’ve read about the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370. Chances are, they all deserved to die, too.

It’s not farfetched and if you’re offended, that’s your own fault - not mine. The chances that everyone on that flight was privileged, cis, and hetero, is extremely high. The Malaysian and Chinese governments, and by association its people, are responsible for the mass oppression and eradication of homosexuals and non-cis individuals.

In other words, every single person on board that aircraft was a criminal whose crimes were those against humanity.

I would not have preferred they died in that manner. Ideally it would have been under the spiked heel of proactive, radical feminism. But dead cis hets are dead cis hets, and we should be claiming our victories wherever we can get them at this point.

Plane crashes are scary. We do not want to be a part of one. But what’s even scarier, and what we are a part of every. single. day., is constant oppression and hate.

We should not forget this, and we should remember MH370 not as a terrible, tragic loss of life. We should remember it as a victory against the status quo, a small step forward towards equality and peace. Perhaps the loss of the plane and the “lives” on board will one day lead to gender neutral plaques on bathroom doors. This is how they would have wanted to be remembered: as a solution, through their deaths, to gender inequality.

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